The Implications Of Coronavirus

The implications of the Coronavirus strain (COVID-19), which emerged in Wuhan, China, have a significant and detrimental effect on the global economy and our ability to sustain our production and critical infrastructure. It is yet another reminder of how fragile industrial companies are to disruption of their operations. Such a dynamic situation, which could span months or even years has now expanded well beyond the Asia/Pacific region, causing a global crisis in both human lives and in the economy.

Even before the World 

Health Organization (WHO) declared a global public health emergency, policymakers had already begun taking steps to reduce civilians’ exposure. This includes quarantining people, restricting travel worldwide, closing stores, industrial factories and ordering employees in affected regions to work from home. The coronavirus is a pandemic that’s operational risk and must be managed at the highest levels of the organization because it cuts across every department and location in which the organization operates.

Cyber Criminals Are Taking Advantage Of The Global Coronavirus Crisis

Sadly, cybercriminals and adversaries are leveraging this global crisis to their benefits and we are witnessing a distinct a rise in malicious cybercriminal activities due to coronavirus on crucial industrial networks and on critical infrastructures. In the past, we’ve seen industrial organizations switch their production lines to manual mode following a crippling ransomware attack that stalled their production. However, now many factory workers are at home quarantined and manual mode is either a challenge or no longer an option.

These latest events prove that securing your industrial operations is more crucial than ever. Whether you are in manufacturing or running a powerplant or a hospital, the need to reduce risks to your operations has never been more vital.

We Are Here To Help!

As part of our mission to protect civilians, we are taking a proactive approach during this difficult time. We’re offering our award-winning OT & IoT security platform for free to organizations in food & beverage manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, hospitals (IoMT & BMS) and critical infrastructure.

Here’s How SCADAfence Can Help You

We will first provide you with a consultation call to help find immediate solutions for risk reduction during the coronavirus crisis. Then we will then install the SCADAfence platform at your site and we will review all of the findings with your security team after 3 days of installation. An additional 27 days of full monitoring will be provided free of charge.

The Consultation Will Include The Following:

  • Remote access: Evaluate remote access security & suggest how to allow secure remote work
  • Network Diagram Review: Evaluate connectivity risks and Immediate steps to reduce connectivity risk while maintaining productivity.
  • Risk Review: A general review of the configuration and setup to discover additional attack vectors.


The Installation Of The SCADAfence Platform Will Include The Following:

Early Detection: Detect cyber-attacks before they materialize

Uncover Critical Vulnerabilities: Based on your real network traffic

Remote Access Security: Map all remote connections and show remote access vulnerabilities

The Review of the System Findings Will Include The Following:

Mitigation Steps: A list of critical software & network vulnerabilities

Cyber Threats: A review of cyber threats currently in the network

Immediate Actions: A list of actions that can be done immediately to reduce risk

After 3 days, your organization will have a detailed understanding of what risks exist in your networks and how to mitigate those risks in the shortest time possible. We will help you reduce the attack surface for adversaries and ensure that your operations continue to run safely and smoothly through this global crisis.

In a world filled with uncertainty and doubt, we have to help one another as much as possible. Protecting civilians and saving the world is not just for superheroes, even cybersecurity companies can be a beacon of light, to lead the way to a better world.

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