SCADAfence was founded due to the dire need for technology that secures Operational Technology (OT) networks. As our world evolves, demand for everything from automated mass production to smart city initiatives are driving automation and inter-connectivity between historically air-gapped industrial networks. Driving the adoption of digital transformation initiatives, the adoption of IIOT and the exponential growth in the size of industrial networks can lead to further complications in network security.

This shift in the size and complexity of industrial networks, has created a new security challenge for security practitioners and OT asset owners. The need to secure OT networks with a minimal  footprint and without affecting day-to-day operations is the reason we created SCADAfence. We’re ideally positioned with our technology and team to protect the world’s largest and most advanced OT networks. We bring the expertise needed in both security and OT to create, deploy and maintain breakthrough technologies in the area of OT security, designed specifically for today’s large-scale and complex networks.

Although to date, the standard “big-news” security breaches tend to focus on the theft of personal data, ransomware and damage to companies’ brand. The fact is, that breaches in OT cause far greater damages and it seems like we’re in a pivotal point in time where attacks on OT are on the rise and awareness to this threat has definitely reached the headlines.

We believe that it’s our responsibility to continue to add to the knowledge base around OT security and as such, we’ve created this blog. Bringing the latest research and market insights in the areas of security, specifically for those OT network owners how are undertaking their digital transformation journey.