SCADAfence now offers new advanced services via our cloud. We use the cloud to deliver continuous OT security updates, software upgrades and OT health monitoring.

Our product team has been upgrading the SCADAfence cloud to make it more robust and efficient, and to deliver additional services.

Here’s a review of some of the latest upgrades to the SCADAfence Cloud.

Continuous Security Cloud Updates

In order to effectively detect all potential threats across an OT network where it’s deployed, the SCADAfence Platform needs continuous access to the most updated security database.  Similarly, identifying the most advanced attack campaigns, and detecting the latest malware and ransomware requires access to the most advanced security definitions and file signatures. 

Continuous updates to the SCADAfence security database via the cloud ensures organizations  are fully protected against all the newest security threats, and effectively reduces risk to OT processes.

The SCADAfence Cloud serves as an intermediary ongoing connection between our research team and our end users. It provides continuous security updates, including:

  • Ransomware and Malware Signatures
  • Attack tools 
  • OT CVEs database
  • YARA rules 
  • Threat Intelligence

SCADAfence System Health Monitoring via Cloud

The SCADAfence Cloud monitors the ongoing health status of the SCADAfence components installed on-prem. This can detect potential problems as early as possible and quickly troubleshoot issues as they occur.  

The SCADAfence Platform collects a wide variety of statistics that taken together represent an objective measurement of the health of the installed  SCADAfence system. Such statistics include CPU usage, DB statistics, and memory and disk usage. This information is collected and exported from the SCADAfence Platform or the Multi-Site Portal to the SCADAfence Cloud. 

No confidential data is exported or exposed as part of this process. Only system health metrics such as resource consumption are being sent and other statistics. All data sent between the SCADAfence Cloud and the SCADAfence Platform is sent encrypted.

OT Network Monitoring Solution Software Updates

Downloading and installing the latest SCADAfence software versions can now be performed through direct online connection with the SCADAfence Cloud. 

Secure Connectivity

The connections to the cloud through SCADAfence Platforms and Multi-Site Portals are secure:

  • No sensitive data is communicated back and forth. 
  • The connection is established outbound only. There is no need to open inbound ports in the firewall.
  • Communication is done using a standard HTTPS protocol.
  • The connection is both authenticated and encrypted. 
  • The SCADAfence Platform and SCADAfence Cloud don’t have to be directly connected. The Platform can connect to the Multi-Portal in the DMZ with the  Multi-Site acting as a gateway as illustrated below.

The SCADAfence cloud  can access the SCADAfence platform through the Multi-Site portal. This ensures that connections are secure and well-protected from unauthorized access.

Summary of The SCADAfence Cloud Benefits:

  • You receive continuous security updates, so your OT system is always in the maximum state of readiness to defend against a possible attack.
  • Health monitoring alerts let you know if SCADAfence is running properly or has issues that need to be remedied immediately.
  • Cloud connectivity is secure and encrypted.
SCADAfence New Feature Reports is an occasional series of blogs exploring the many newly added features of the SCADAfence Platform in detail. For more information or to see SCADAfence in action, request a personalized demo.